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Link PNP ECU and Tune (Basic)


From £1500


4 Weeks


About the Course

This is our entry level basic package and is designed for vehicles with light modifications (simple bolt ons).
The ECU is a direct plugin replacement and full fitting instructions are provided for remote applications. Your car will fire right up with our tested base calibrations. A complete engine tune is included in the price. Remote tuning can be carried out at a local dyno or on a private road/track.

Please note that your vehicle must be fitted with a wideband lambda sensor which is connected to the ECU for datalogging as a minimum requirement for remote tuning. Contact us if in any doubt.

Your Instructor

Camilla Jones

This package includes a Link plug and play ECU and a complete tuning session. Tuning is available at Gsport HQ or can also be carried out remotely.

Camilla Jones
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