Performance Tuning


Gsport Cars can provide all services required for performance tuning whether your car is destined to be on the road, race track, drift circuit or quarter mile. From simple bolt ons to complete custom vehicle builds, we are dedicated to getting the most from your car whatever the spec!!

standalone ecu
engine conversion
custom exhaust  stainless exhaust  fabrication
Engine Management




Gsport Cars offers a wide range of engine management options to suit all budgets and needs.


We particularly excell in custom bespoke and out of the ordinary projects that require thinking 'out of the box!!!'


Bespoke Vehicle Solutions




Well versed in one off and custom vehicle builds we are the ideal choice for producing a car that will break necks both in the passanger seat and in the grandstand!


From bolt on kits with a twist to custom fabricated performance packages and complete vehicle builds for specific disciplines, we have the ability to turn out something special.

Fabrication and Welding




Here at Gsport Cars we pride ourselves on producing high quality products and services. We fabricate many items in house and when required we have many contacts for producing specialist items.


Anything from simple mounting brackets to precision measured components and accessories and also complete custom fabricated performance stainless exhausts.