The e1280s is Adaptronics top-of-the-line product. Its patented completely configurable tuning system allows the tuner to implement ANY control function that can be articulated, using a system of basic elements like maps/tables, PID controllers, timers and basic arithmetic and logical functions. The tuning software has been designed to make most of this functionality transparent to less advanced users, so the ECU can be installed by novices and experienced tuners alike.

Wiring Loom included

Adaptronic e1280s

  • ECU FEATURES - “3D” Fuel and Ignition maps (as on any sophisticated aftermarket ECU - Full 360 or 720 degree ignition or injection control (end of injection timing), unique to each output - 16 Analogue inputs (defaults are MAP, TPS, coolant temp, air temp, oxygen sensor, and spares) - 12 injector outputs – allows full sequential injection up to 12-cylinders, staged injection fully sequential up to 6 cylinders or full sequential primary and semi sequential secondary up to 8 cylinders. Spare injector outputs can be used as aux outputs. - 8 ignition outputs – allows coil-on-plug up to 8 cylinders, or 12 cylinders with external ignition multiplexing. - 8 configurable push/pull aux outputs, all PWM capable at arbitrary speeds - 8 configurable auxiliary digital inputs, with programmable pull high/low - USB PC interface - Field upgradeable firmware - Datalogging via ‘SEKUKU ‘ PC software, or to internal memory, or to a USB stick for virtually unlimited logging! SPECIAL FEATURES - Adaptive Closed-Loop Fuel Control – with configurable tolerances and loop gains, and conditions under which adaptive behavior takes place (requires a wideband oxygen sensor to be fitted) - Narrow-band (factory EGO sensor) closed loop fuel control - High current programmable outputs – allows direct drive of solenoid valves for boost control, air bypass etc - Special function programmable outputs – allows control of anti-pollution purge valves, air conditioners, fuel pumps, drive-by-wire, etc - Adaptive Closed-Loop Idle Control – allows configuration of increased idle bypass amount based on low battery, electrical load, air conditioner, as well as correction based on RPM, and optional closed-loop ignition timing adjustments for idle speed regulation - 5 crank/cam angle sensor inputs (for continuously Variable Valve Timing on up to 4 channels) - Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Boost Control - 4 wheel speed sensors, digital or reluctor (Traction Control and Launch Control) -Plus more