Adaptronics budget minded full standalone ECU. Don't let the price fool you. This ECU offers many of the features seen in higher end ECUs and also uses the excellent WARI tuning software.

E420d Universal Select ECU

  • STANDARD ECU FEATURES - Compatible with most engine types (use our selection guide) - 4 ignition and 4 injector outputs, fully sequential operation - 7 or 8 auxiliary outputs with more control functions than you can point a stick at (eg 2 x closed loop VVT, boost control, idle control) - Launch control, antilag, flat shift and boost by gear all standard - Serial input for wideband O2 sensors (we recommend the MTXL) - Serial output for communication with dashes and dataloggers (we recommend the Race Technology units) - Inbuilt 4-bar MAP sensor - Headphone port for listening to the knock sensor while tuning - Basic closed loop ignition control - Closed loop fuel, idle, boost, 2 x variable valve timing control - Easy to use software - 4 programmable digital inputs - Dual maps