This product is the template from which all the Select ECUs are derived. It can be used on most engines with 3 – 8 cylinders, naturally aspirated, turbocharged and supercharged applications, and has been specifically designed after years of market research with our previous generation ECU which this replaces, to cover the needs of 95% of applications. It is a more feature packed version of the e420d. This ECU will also operate as a plug-in ECU for the NA6 and NA8 model MX5s / Miatas

E440d Universal Select ECU

  • GENERAL FEATURES - Compatible with most engine types (use our selection guide) - Flex fuel function – fill it up with gas/petrol or any ethanol concentration - Adaptive fuel control (self tuning) – reduces dyno time - Traction control function - 4 ignition and 4 injector outputs, fully sequential operation - 7 or 8 auxiliary outputs with more control functions than you can point a stick at (eg 2 x closed loop VVT, boost control, idle control) - Launch control, antilag, flat shift and boost by gear all standard - Serial input for wideband O2 sensors (we recommend the MTXL) - Serial output for communication with dashes and dataloggers (we recommend the Race Technology units) - Inbuilt 4-bar MAP sensor - Headphone port for listening to the knock sensor while tuning - Basic closed loop ignition control - Closed loop fuel, idle, boost, 2 x variable valve timing control - Easy to use software - 8 programmable digital inputs - Dual maps