The G4Plus Atom is Link's entry level ECU that blows the opposition away - half the size, all the technology! Now with more refinements for the budget conscious.

G4+ Atom

  • G4Plus Atom Full configurability, no preset inputs / outputs. Logging, motorsport, even closed loop fuel. Industry standard waterproof connectors and mounting bracket are supplied with your G4+ Atom. The G4+ Atom runs the same microprocessor and firmware as our top ECU, the G4+ Xtreme G4Plus ECUs size comparison photoDesigned and built to be the best "value for money" entry level ECU on the market. While the G4+ Atom is entry level, the following is not compromised: The loom is AVSS automotive quality cable the same as is used in 21st century car manufacturing (not included but available) The same mounting technology as our higher level ECUs A fully extruded mounting plate is included Mounting hardware is completely hidden for a fully professional installation Waterproof automotive plugs The same tuning features as our high-end ECUs - tuning is not compromised in this "entry level" ECU Full configurability, no preset input/outputs Logging, even closed loop fuel and knock if external devices are added (WideBand Controller & G4 KnockBlock) Industry standard waterproof connectors and mounting bracket, all supplied with your G4+ Atom (loom supplied separately) Spec overview: Four injection drives Four ignition outputs Three analog inputs (you choose, oil pressure etc.) Two temperature inputs (usually water and inlet air temperature) Two digital inputs (e.g. vehicle speed and logging switch - you choose) Four auxiliary outputs (e.g. fuel pu