The ME221 Clio PnP is the latest plug-n-play Engine Management System for the Ph1/Ph2 Renault Clio 172/182

The conversion installs tidily into the OEM position, and uses all OEM sensors, and even supports factory DBW, Cruise Control, and the CAN bus dashboard. It is a direct fit onto the Ph2 with DBW, and requires a few wires to be moved in the loom if you plan to use on the PH1 cable-throttled engine.

  • Uses the ME221 ECU Core (Freescale Automotive Processing Power)
  • Supports all factory sensors.
  • Supports OEM dashboard & factory cruise control
  • Truly Plug-n-Play : Supports both throttle bodied, DBW & Boosted applications
  • 16x16 Fuel and Ignition Tables (with dual table switching)
  • VE based fuelling algorithm.
  • Run any type of high impedance injectors.
  • DSP Knock Control
  • Closed Loop Boost Control
  • Launch Control
  • In the field regular FW updates and improvements
  • Uses the powerful MEITE tuning studio.
  • An open approach to firmware/software features.
  • Supplied with rolling road certified and developed basemaps for either turbo or NA setups.

Package contents:

  • ME221 PnP Clio Engine Management System
  • Stickers
  • USB Dongle with a selection of OEM and Turbo basemaps, tuning software and manuals.

ME221 Renault Clio 172/182 PnP ECU