"We are very pleased here at Motorsport Electronics to now to be offering our ME221 Wire-In ECU with direct fit ‘Plug and Play’ looms for the Ford ST170 engines. As the core of our PnP EMS range, the ME221 has taken the UK by storm, particularly in the MX5 market - and after 24 months of real world usage by real world customers, we are pleased to offer the system in a new, universal form factor, suited for accurate, reliable, and fully-sequential control of four-cylinder petrol injection engines."


This ECU wil give full, closed loop control of the VVT System - not just on/off like inferior ECUs.

This version includes a professionally made ‘click and go’ loom for the Ford ST170 engine. We even supply with the ECU dyno developed maps for both the OEM inlet and also throttle bodies and turbo applications.

If you want to get your ST170 up and running on fuel injection, be that using the OEM inlet, a set of motorbike throttle bodies/Jenveys, or even if you’re turbocharging it, the ME221 will deliver the precise fuel and ignition control you need, utilising all of the factory sensors and outputs. (Of course you can customise your injectors and sensors to suit, and just recalibrate the ECU!)

Indeed our base-maps don’t suit all setups - and in that case, get stuck in with the free MEITE tuning software and carry out tuning the fuel VE table & ignition advance, or setting up advanced features such as launch control, anti-lag, switchable maps, closed loop boost control, idle control or even full closed loop VVT control on the ST170 (this alone can add 40lb/ft as opposed to having to ‘lock’ the cam as you would with ECUs that don’t support VVT). For a quick look over the MEITE, watch our Youtube video here - yes it features our MX5 PnP version of the ME221, but the tuning software is the same, and constantly being added to via free firmware updates.

We are so confident in the ME221 we even give you a LIFETIME WARRANTY...

ME221 ST170 PnP ECU

    • ME221 Wire-In Engine Management System
    • RS232 Serial Communications Cable
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Fully Terminated ST170 specific Loom with connectors in place for:
      • Injectors x4 (Fully Sequential)
      • OEM Ford Crank & ST170 type cam sensor
      • VVT Solenoid connector (2 Pin Mini Timer)
      • Ford Coil Pack ‘Oval’ connector
      • Intake Air Temperature Sensor & Coolant Sensor (2 Pin Mini Timer Type)
      • Manifold Pressure Sensor (3 Pin Mini Timer)
      • OEM Ford TPS Connector (as per blacktop)
      • Flying leads for spare outputs & inputs
      • Power and Ground connections